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This was our Very First Lunch Box Design. It Inspired US (and many others) to shake up the Whole Lunch Box Market and offer adults something Better Than Boring food container. We Like To Believe we started a lunch box Revolution and if this is the case, then This design is our che guevara (Good looking, Iconic and likes to shake up the status quo.).It is Packed Full with Clever functionality and Cool design accents. The Glass like Lid Locks to the Body For A Water Tight Seal and has an Ingenious Sauce dipping area (Good For sushi Lovers). A Sauce Pot is ideal for salad dressing (or ketchup), so you can Dress your Salad Just before you Eat it (No More Soggy Salad.). An Inner Dish allows you to split different foods so you can Microwave a hot Dish, but Keep other Foods Cold. We' ve even included a Clever Fork which has a cutting edge down One Side For Easy One Handed eating (we Call It a 'Fife' Because it is a fork + Knife in one).


  • Il coperchio si trova saldamente e garantisce una chiusura impermeabile
  • Con spazio per salse
  • Salsa contenitore (perfetto per condimenti per insalate)
  • Interno con divisorio estraibile
  • Include coltello/forchetta

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