Culina Centrifuga per Insalata, Insalatiera 3 litri, Compatto, Efficiente, Costruzzione Robusto, Disegno Ergonomico per Preparazzione Sane e Gustose


Culina - Centrifuga asciuga Insalata Salva Spazio, in 3 Pezzi

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Are you tired of eating boring sandwiches and cholesterol-inducing food? Arugula, spinach, endive, lettuce, romaine, cabbage or cress, we revel in how easy it has become to vary salad intake to benefit a long and healthy life! Perfect for vegan, vegetarian or paleo diets: quick, easy and fun salad preparation with Culina 3 Liter Salad Spinner. Ergonomic design: Superior quality, robust material, Culina 3 Liter Small Spinner is a durable, time-tested, resistant, compact powerhouse. With the spin stop brake button on the lid, no more salad flying out of the bowl! What's more, four secure grip feet at the base of the sleek clear bowl lend a stability to the process. Food Safe: Unlike heated food which kills bacteria when prepared at the right temperature, raw food require extra diligence. Reduce bacteria, wash thoroughly, use Culina 3 Liter Salad Spinner and you will immediately see dirt and foreign residue wash off as they collect in the clear outer bowl. Removing excess water for a crispy clean salad, full of nutrients rather than soggy --which besides looking unappealing and lacking in taste-- can ultimately deplete food of its essential minerals and nutrients. Easy to Use: Simply fill up the basket with desired amount of salad, rinse, set back in the clear bowl, cover and with a simple, forceless turn of the ergonomically designed fold-up spin handle and dry your salad. Better Performance:Spins with impressive centrifugal force comparable to a drying spin cycle, capable of wringing water out in no time. Ideally, you'd want your greens to soak in the dressing for a delectable experience; that is not entirely possible using the underwhelming, poorly-performing spinners flooding the market. What's more, this top of the line spinner remains accessible to all budgets. Culina 3 Liter Salad Spinner is the fast, efficient, affordable, chic and smart way to go "greens"!


  • Qualità superiore di costruzione, potente e durevole. 3 parti: ciotola trasparente con stabilizzatori, colino di colore verde, coperchio che si chiude in modo ermetico con un pulsante di arresto
  • Compatta: Non occupa spazio, facile da riporre. Dimensione perfetta per una coppia o una piccola famiglia. Può asciugare rapidamente diversi lotti di insalata in pochissimo tempo
  • Materiale Non tossico, adatto al contatto con gli alimenti senza contaminazioni chimiche: la forza centrifuga permette alle verdure una asciugatura efficiente e rapida che riduce germi e batteri
  • Multi uso, insalatiera o colino, perfetta per i vostri piatti fatti in casa. Progettazione e confezionamento di alta qualita'!
  • 100% Culina Soddisfazione Garantita

Culina - Centrifuga asciuga Insalata Salva Spazio, in 3 Pezzi 4.3 out of 5 based on 40 ratings.
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